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The War on Dreams: Part VII

Acronym of Unknown Origin Sparks New Interest in War on Dreams

DREAMER – innocent accident of caps lock or a new symbol to inspire hate and angst in the World’s teenagers? You decide.

Rumors fly and fingers point concerning the newest discovered possibility of plausible clause in the case of “What does DREAMER stand for?” vs. “No one cares” aka “The State” vs. “the DREAMERs.”

Daring Reactionaries Exasperated About Man’s Excuse for Religion

This particular acronym, though voraciously denied by the DREAMERs front, has sparked many otherwise supportive countries to wage all-out holy war against the seemingly peaceful DREAMERs.

“By GOD!” Stop!” Cried the father of the DREAMER’s movement, “Religion is one of the many products of dreams, if you are against dreams, you are against religion!”

At this point, all combat ceased while the government troops called up their Commander in Cheap for a response. “Jesus hates dreamers. If you don’t hate dreamers, Jesus hates you. I should know, Jesus is my house boy*,” echoed the faceless loud speakers. The Commander in Cheap has been in hiding since his ill-thought-out war on oxygen, which left his entire staff in deep comas. He was only saved by the special emergency oxygen tank which has been built into all presidential suits.

*It was later determined that the Commander had meant to use the common colloquial phrase “Jesus is my Homeboy” and the inference that he keeps Jesus as some sort of slave or servant was, “his bad.”

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