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That Dog Magnifying Glass Picture

Totally Awesome Picture of the Week 6

Meet Bobo and Jacky Chan’s Mom. Not “The” Jackie Chan but Jacky Chan who runs Hong Kong Budget Hostel. Bobo, perhaps the most unaffected pooch this side of “The” Mississippi, is not a stuffed animal. She is, however, wearing more clothes than a sorority girl on Halloween. Under that athletic jacket is a glittery black disco tank top and a denim mini skirt. The only thing missing (to make this dog look the same as all other Asian women) is the high heeled boots. Jacky Chan’s mom (maybe mother-in-law actually) spends her days reading tabloids through two sets of lenses. Her eyes are actually perfect, but, being the 21st century woman that she is, she wears glasses to allow her “super faraway vision” while the magnifying glass allows “extreme close up vision.” She explained this to us in Cantonese but I think we understood.

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