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Beast of Beauty

Totally Awesome Picture of the Week 28

Cockroaches, those filthy trash eating hexapods, tanks that creep their way around contaminating even the most carefully cleaned area with so little as their presence. An abhorred symbol of uncleanliness, this cockroach takes its job of befouler seriously. Slyly it approaches the sweet flower, a beauty blossoming with purity – wait! Maybe it’s the angle, or the back lighting – but suddenly this beast of beasts has lost some of its power of repulsion. Could it be? It seems this monster has met its match. If the flower knows of its power it doesn’t let on.

This moment of sensational imagery serves as a staunch reminder of how perception is often tainted by stereotypes. In fact, this cockroach, sitting on a cement beam outside in a wooded area is hurting no one. It is the flower who has invaded and disturbed the tranquility.

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