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Tall Man Short Pants, Short Man Long Pants

Totally Awesome Picture of the Week 27

Ah! The classic juxtaposition of opposites to produce a humorous effect – the left so tall and the right so short! Even the buildings play along – tall in the back, short in the front. Hilarious!


Well, in that case, let’s try serious juxtaposition. In this picture, the left is tall, with short pants while the right is short with long pants. Wait, is that wrong? – or right? Here we go.

Short is the opposite of tall. Long is the opposite of short. Does that mean that long and tall are the same? Or double opposites? For that matter, perhaps more importantly, Right is the opposite of Left. Wrong is the opposite of Right. The political implications astound!

Is Left synonymous with Wrong? Or is Left the furthest possible answer from Wrong? We must remember that two Wrongs don’t make a Right, while 3 Lefts point you in the same direction as a Right.

Also, there’s the question of human error and general confusion. In class, while playing “I Say” (my version of Simon Says) and I say, “raise your Left hand” I often have to tell the kids who raise their Right hand “Wrong Left.” Indicating that there is indeed a “Right Left” as well.

Then there’s Stayed.

Stayed is the opposite of Left. The Right Stayed in Washington and seems to have gone Wrong. If the Right goes Wrong, does the Left have to go Right? What if the Left and Right have both gone Wrong?

Our language and measly 3 dimensions can not handle this mess. Let’s stick to the picture. Similarities are easier. Let’s find those, maybe it will help to determine why this picture is so totally awesome. Both are men (though one is old and one is young). Both are holding blue umbrellas (though one is dark and one is light). Both are wearing khaki?

Ah, screw it. We’ll call this picture, The Wrong Left Stayed Right. Or, Tall Man Short Pants, Short Man Long Pants

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