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Hooray for Trash Eating Cows!

Totally Awesome Picture of the Week 20

Free range cattle! Hooray for their freedom! And look at the chain of consumption – gloriously short! From us, to the ground, to them, to us. Hooray for trash eating cows! And like that we have achieved a picture title and focus.

As you know, this is the twentieth totally awesome picture of the week. That’s two decades of spreading hope, knowledge and what can only be described as awesomity (general and specific) through imagery and paradoxical narratives.

These tales, didactic in nature, often take on a personality of their own. They grow quickly beyond the scope of rational thought. As the writer, I am powerless. They are written by the image and the image is captured by the writing. Sometimes they present their message clearly and all is easy and understood. Those times, I am inclined to smile like a proud idiot. Other times though, they present themselves like casuistic Zen koans, untested and possibly misleading. When assumed, the latter form results in a confusing stew of indescribable emotion well spiced with unanswerable questions -appealing to the taste buds but an absolute assault on the mind.

That said, I think I’ll let the cow have it’s salad day(s) (wasn’t me, I swear).

{English translation in brackets}

Cow’s Mind: “munch munch munch.” {Grass yes, grass good. Trash no. Trash bad. Trash no. Yes, grass. Good.}

Trash’s Mind: “rustle rustle rustle.” {Ground good for a rest. Cow good for a new adventure. Wind good for a dance. World good.}

Cow’s Mind: “mooo.” {Trash you are nothing but discarded, unwanted, broken junk. My World is bad. Today I eat, tomorrow I am eaten. But, your World is worse. Today your are trash, tomorrow you are trash.}

Trash’s Mind: “crinkle crinkle.” {I will believe you Cow, your World is bad. Tomorrow I am trash. This maybe is true. Yesterday I was trash. This may also be true. Now I am trash. I know that this is true. It makes me happy to know. It is much nicer to be called trash when you are trash. When you are a person, entertainment or food and someone calls you trash, it is insulting and hurtful. You will understand someday.}

Cow’s Mind: “grunt snort grunt.” {Every World is bad Trash. Yours is the lowest of the low. I will never understand you.}

3 months later

Trash’s Mind: “crackle crunkle crackle.” {There you are Cow. I’ve missed you. Don’t be sad. Now we are both trash. Here is a new cow to speak with. He is like you were. He thinks the World is bad. Everything is looking up.}

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