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The It Bird

Totally Awesome Picture of the Week 18

“Look into my eye; vun, too, twee, fohre…”

Hark! The mesmerizing call of the Count de Bird Street: the highest ranked avifauna in Hong Kong. The It bird. Asking anything of anyone while answering to no one. Don’t look him in the eye for it is said his gaze can suck a soul dry within hundredths of a second. He summons us.

“It is truly a pleasure your eminence.” Bow – Oh my GOD, bow!

“…fwiwe, sihs, sewen…”

Now, walk away slowly, try not to turn your back, for featherless tails are said to displease him greatly. We must move on quickly, for temptation is extraordinary and the polls show that a dry soul leads to little or no good.

“…aite, nihne…”

He’s on nine! Step it up a notch! I hear, if he reaches ten within earshot you are done f…


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