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Portrait of a Lady

Totally Awesome Picture of the Week 16

As you can see, this is a monkey to be respected. A “Lady” one might even venture in attempting a verbal description.

She and her cohorts understand a great deal concerning entertainment, history, and survival as they claim residency within the confines of the wide murky moat on the sacred ground of Angkor Wat.

Let us examine carefully the look of nonchalance held fragilely by the light closure of her eyes. Her body speaks in place of her face. Open. Though her eyes are closed, her mind is wide open, ready and expecting – knowing. What a brilliant act! Bravo!

In the background, a mausoleum housing the remains of men who stoned her kinsfolk of yestercentury. A telling set, for from beyond the stones a ruckus occurs and soon appears a young novice armed with sticks and stones.

Stones fly haphazardly through the air, as ambivalently as raindrops from the sky and our hero produces not a sound. The other primates make haste for the woods, she scuttles quietly a few feet to the left and resumes her pose, unaffected.

Now though, a difference. Those eyes are open. They do not watch the threatening monk but instead stare expectantly towards this audience, Me? I think, caught of guard, my voice nearly escapes with the question.

This is an experienced actress, and though her body language is undeniably French, it is clear that now is the time to throw the bread, her hat is out and I, embarrassed by my unpreparedness, jingle the coins in my pocket. Realizing full well that my currency is valueless, I retreat, eyes first, back to the tourist path, back to the guided world of controlled expectations, away from this wild place where I learned so much in a period of time so small.

Thank you my simian star. Thank you for allowing us this Portrait of a Lady

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