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Paying the Bill.1

Totally Awesome Picture of the week 10.1

Editor’s note: See previous post “Totally Awesome Picture of the week 10”

Poor miserable Tony. Just look from his face, down to his bowl and back to his face. Have you ever seen a more consciously uncomfortable grad student? Even through the photograph you can understand his thoughts, “Why are you staring at me? Why aren’t you helping me?”

The irony is, the night before this picture was snapped, he ran gleefully free of concern around the bars of his neighborhood, in what could only be described as his favorite part of the day. It wasn’t until he willfully (less so than Elwood) came back inside (his mind) that he noticed the leaching price of his romp. We’ll call this one, Paying the Bill.1

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  1. Kelly Peach says:

    this picture is fucking hilarious. almost as funny as poking tony with a stick while he vomits a champagne pink burrito.

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