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Making Room for KFC

Totally Awesome Picture of the Week 43 Young vs. Old or Making Room for KFC The dustpan to my broom, the thin to my fat, the bank to my river. A team in fact! Dull colors Urging “Get lost! Goodbye!” “You are forgotten.” “It’s so easy to drink and cry.” Don’t goad me Old Land. […]

Dear Running Child/Dear Running Child of Yesteryear

10-1-91 Dear Running Child, Do you have any idea how lucky you are? Free is really the only word that fully embodies it. You have freedom to to run as only befits a child. Your world is complete within you. Your most cherished possession (though you don’t know it) is a selfishness that will grow […]

Dear Young Chinese Man with the Crazy Hair

Dear Young Chinese Man with the Crazy Hair, We apologize for our forward manner. Also, for our presence, which seems to be causing great displeasure. We do not mean to offend. Despite the title we have given you, your hair does not concern us – although it is curious. What troubles us is your face. […]