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This Ridiculous World Guide: China – Garbage Vessels

This Ridiculous World Guide: China - Garbage Vessels

Coming from America, or some nation similarly skilled in methods of clandestine waste removal – with magic, automatic flush toilets; color-coded trash bins; and troops of picker-uppers who carouse the streets in great machines with as much authority as fire engines – such unglamorous, undisguised removal may be a bit shocking. Here in this ancient […]

The Mad Capper

The rains had just subsided. Sick Baby Street (also known as Guangzhou Lu) was crawling with parents carrying their patched children in their arms like loads of firewood. The stench – some amalgam of diaper, gasoline, and steaming buns – repelled the nose from its ordinary forward aim; out of pure necessity we walked looking […]

Signs of Thought 3

China Instructional Videos: Episode 1

How To Properly Dispose of Your Excess Waste httpv:// Follow these five easy steps: 1. Remember that nothing ensures safety more than acting casual. Forgo the superfluity of traffic cones or flashing lights. 2. Procure a large container on wheels (similar to a garbage can) for the purpose of transporting your waste to the dumping […]

Traces of Progress: Unbridled Consumption

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Waste Not Yet Ye Be Wasted A simple garbage bin, a pleasant wood exterior, designed in accordance with the ultra-modern concept of discretion when disposing. Right bin or left bin?. Choose wisely. Consumption has past; it is too late to change that. You weren’t satisfied with your purchase? You think the whole thing was a […]


Yichang, CHINA – As part of a recent campaign to improve general cleanliness, the small city of Yichang has displayed a series of informative posters aimed at educating residents in proper waste disposal. In one poster, a friendly cartoon Earth can be seen directing from atop a toilet as two citizens contribute to a growing […]