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Xian, CHINA – While it may seem like little more than an extensive scarf display, this seemingly endless line of furry skins has been ‘constructed’ for similar reasons to the iconic walls of China’s dynastic past. While the Great Wall was meant to physically deter the barbarous Mongol hordes, this lineup is said to serve […]

Traces of Progress: Attention to Detail

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Prime Real Estate – Property # JSNJ004PRC

This property proves that privacy is no more than bourgeois decadence. In place of four walls, the living room of this home enjoys all the benefits of openness – natural breezes in place of sterile air conditioning, the red sun instead of pricey fluorescents, and panoramic views. There is also plenty to foster the children’s […]

This Ridiculous World Guide: China – Walls

This Ridiculous World Guide: China - Walls

China loves Walls. Chinese people build walls everywhere. Some are great, some are less so. Many serve multiple purposes such as advertising, keeping people in, keeping people out, hiding something from view, indicating property line, etc. Usually, when a wall isn’t tall enough to deter ninjas, they line the top with shards of glass. Some […]

Dear Man Building a Brick Wall Over a Glass One

Dear Man Building a Brick Wall Over a Glass One

Dear Man Building a Brick Wall Over a Glass One, That reminds me of something I once heard, an old Confucian proverb, perhaps: “Don’t build walls in front of windows,” I think it was. Something about possibilities, I suppose, or vision. Sound advice, though a little self-evident. Of course, the building of walls is part […]

In the Shadow of the Great Wall

Totally Awesome Picture of the week 52 “Makin it civilized, makin it fine, oh, we’re building a wall, so they can knock down mine!” – verse one of the contemporary workers tune Ode to the Hutongs A renaissance of blue-collar work-related musical creativity seems to be occurring throughout China. “Along with spreading capitalistic tendencies for […]