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Corn Juice for the Masses

Corn Juice for the Masses

Stuff People Ingest Voluntarily episode 31 Before you start accusing us of focusing on the poor, fading laundry as part of our own Antonioni scheme to sabotage the world’s image of an entire nation, let us be clear: we are more interested in the one small bright square so carefully preserved like some tiny peep […]

Face Value

Face Value

The Nanjing Galaxy Yacht Club floats securely in the yellowish, turbid water of the Yangtze River. The neighborhood – in the northwest of the city, far from the Ming Dynasty wall – is mostly industrial. Not far upstream is the famous Yangtze River Bridge, a dark, ominous shape stretching across the water. There are no […]

Breakfast of Survivors

Breakfast of Survivors

No, the four different bread products aligned so neatly on the plate is no mistake. That – along with a cup of lukewarm tea and some soft cheese – is what you eat for breakfast after a night on a rickety train sailing south into Upper Egypt. That is all a stomach can handle. Our […]

Dear Readers

Dear Readers, Well, we’re a little older, a little wiser perhaps, and definitely a little more sarcastic. This happens when you travel. We hit Dublin, London, and Paris with a succession of shocking realizations as to just how short our Chinese paychecks would take us Share this:

Swinging to Freedom

Totally Awesome Picture of the Week 62 The boy stands spinning the long thread of twisted foil with unfettered fascination. His eyes, in following the shiny extension of his arm, cause his head to move in small circular nods as though also attached to the magical whip. Much like the powers of Dorthy’s tornado, this […]

Stuff People Ingest Voluntarily episode 28


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A Reflection of China

Totally Awesome Picture of the Week 23 This image portrays a “barbarous” man (Chinese ba nationality) clutching a spear and peering curiously from his shelter of twigs. Obvious within the poetic subtleties is China’s heed to its minorities and the care China has taken to preserve the culture and lifestyle of its indigenous people. The […]

The Slow Process of Manufacturing Ideals

Totally Awesome Picture of the Week 22 This is White Horse Cave. Feelings provoked within its confines are less of the typical spelunking claustrophobia and more of the “searching for the bar in some sort of labyrinth style new age night club.” Though it is obvious that the tour of this hole in the ground […]

Now I Don’t

Totally Awesome Picture of the Week 21 Now I see it. The largest dam in the world. The 3 Gorges Dam. A barrier of miraculous proportion. The Great Wall of the Hubei province. The Great Dam. And how great it is. While the media prefers to address the political implications, we will focus on the […]