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Traces of Progress: Private Stalls at the Trough

Editor’s Note: This was an especially great restroom. The men’s side was slightly higher so their waste flowed like a spring stream between your feet while you did your business. Past the lady’s room, the current drifted freely into a farmer’s field. Share this:

Pets Portraying Patriotic Propaganda

Totally Awesome Picture of the Week 30 This useful accessory, a very popular dog here in China, the Pekingese, is about as sorry of an excuse for (hu)man’s best friend as you can find. Maybe I’m biased; after all, having the unconditional love of the most beautiful dog in the world (see insert) leaves little […]

Traces of Progress: Lines For Power

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Now I Don’t

Totally Awesome Picture of the Week 21 Now I see it. The largest dam in the world. The 3 Gorges Dam. A barrier of miraculous proportion. The Great Wall of the Hubei province. The Great Dam. And how great it is. While the media prefers to address the political implications, we will focus on the […]