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Quarantine vs Guacamole 2009 -OR- Children’s Day: Best Day Ever.

On this holiday in 2008 the Olympic torch passed over the quaint dam nearby and into our city of Yichang. This year’s big event, best known as Swine Flu, made a surprise appearance in the form of an alleged Nanjing city-wide mandate for foreigners to be quarantined (in their personal apartments) for a week upon […]


Townsfolk examine ducks for signs of disaster Remote Place, CHINA – ‘Swine’ not ‘Swan’ fu read the latest in a series of misleading and misinterpreted messages from an unknown but important source. Two weeks ago a similar message prompted the slaughter of the town’s entire duck population. After careful inspection mayor Huli announced, “It has […]

Pig Flu China 2009: a poem

Pig flu? No, not China. Here the pigs flew. In fact, I may have seen them. Through the coal smoke haze Rose a snouted cumulous storm of shadowy mystery Accompanied by nightmarish squealing Lightening flashed a butcher’s blade And a warm rain commenced It stabbed like sweat at open cuts And turned my white shirt […]