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Summer in China – A Season for Leaving

Summer in China - A Season for Leaving

Totally Awesome Picture of the Week 67 When it’s 90 plus degrees with 100% humidity and your neighbor’s coal smoke is pumping along with the encephalitis mosquitoes through your broken window screen and down on the street the men who actually wear shirts have them rolled up past their nipples, while inside your apartment the […]

Tao and the Art of Hippopotamus Maintenance

Totally Awesome Picture of the Week 65 Hey! You! Hippopotamus! Yeah, you. Can you take a hint? I’ll crouch here, wiping this soapy water over my non-smelly motorbike while you fat, needy beast wallow there in your own filth with a perfectly good bathtub not 5 feet away. You’d think you’re some sort of Mongol […]


Totally Awesome Picture of the Week 57 Garbage garbage all over the place, In your belly, On your face. Garbage for seeing, Garbage for yelling, Garbage for listening, Garbage for smelling. If it weren’t for garbage I don’t know what I’d do, Certainly this poem wouldn’t be here for you. Share this:

Cultural Relativism – Toilet paper

After thousands of years of sullying shirttails, slips, and other miscellaneous segments of unseen cloth (which was, of course accompanied by thousands of years of foreigners calling them “a stinky people”) we thought perhaps it was time to introduce toilet paper to our students, or at least the ones who are hoping to study abroad. […]