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Buy it, Yell it, Sell it: “YES WE CAN!”

Totally Awesome Picture of the week 49 “The power of Dreams! The Happiest Place on Earth. Think outside the bun! Taste the rainbow. Just do it! Be all that you can be. Just for the taste of it! Have it your way. Obey your thirst! I’m lovin’ it. They’re GRRREAT! Melts in your mouth, not […]


Nanjing, CHINA – In effort to more accurately describe their society as a whole, China has stopped the excessive use of phrases such as “One World, One Dream” and “Stronger, Swifter, Higher, Faster,” and instead adopted the term “Zero Delicacy.” Created earlier this month after years of research by The People’s Central Search Committee for […]

Let the Street Cleaners do Their Job

Totally Awesome Picture of the Week 39 “Hello! Where you from? USA? Hello! USA do very well. Number two! USA number 2! China number 1! Many, many gold medal. Many many! China win Olympic Games! Go China! USA number 2 in Olympic Games. USA do very good! China maybe have a little more people so […]

Dear Man Standing on a Rock in a Field of Other Rocks

Dear Man Standing on a Rock in a Field of Other Rocks, Nice rock. Or is it a boulder? Either way, what are you doing up there? Was the ground below not satisfactory? Obviously, something caused you to leave the common plane and ascend to your present position – let us propose a scenario or […]


CHINA – Anticipating enormous cultural gains through the success of this summer’s Olympic games, school officials all over the nation have begun the enormous task of training the youth to succeed in the competitive atmosphere of the future. As is customary, the process is a highly controlled regimen of both verbal and mental repetition of […]