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Nanjing, CHINA – Pay phones have been disappearing from kiosks in a series of thefts that has left little to no impact on the citizens of the city. When asked about her discovery, Long Xiaomei, the eighty-one year old local woman who is credited with reporting the missing phones commented, “What! What’s gone? Oh, yes, […]

Three Men: a poem

Outside our window, down belowIn the noisy, scrambling China showA man in gray shorts of cottonReaches down to scratch his bottom. A king in his palace. Another, in sagging white undies,Formal shoes, but no shirt or tieCasually sparks up a cigaretteAnd stops at the lottery to place a bet. Comfort trumps all. A third, standing […]

Stuff People in America Might Sue Over! Round 5

First of all, this is not a closeup of a cigarette pack, or even a carton. It is a shoe box. And judging by the state of the cardboard, it has been of the shelf for a while. This product shows China’s complete disregard for both the legality of trademark and the fundamentals of marketing […]