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Dear Classic Cool Guy

Dear Classic Cool Guy, At first you seemed a typical cheat: Greasy, furrowed brow and squinty glare. No better than most other cheap China copies of our American cultural products. But then, as you passed, the back of your black leather jacket revealed to us an obvious oversight. The pompadoured, blithely law-breaking icons of 1950s […]

The Secret Exhibit of the Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art

At first, visitors to Shanghai’s Museum of Contemporary Art (MoCA) may find themselves slackjawed in amazement, without words, staggered, even laughing – almost – as they meander through the gallery’s two floors. Almost laughing, mind you, for its current exhibit, COUPLES, seems to sink below the realm of quality so far that it nearly (but […]

Traces of Progress: Holiday Shopping Frenzies

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