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Dear Alaska

Dear Alaska, You are so embarrassing. How can a state that is so beautiful be so dumb? Oh wait, that makes perfect sense. Thank you Sarah Palin for representing us to a T. Sincerely, This Ridiculous World Share this:

Time for President Yes

Totally Awesome Picture of the Week 47 Ok America. Rise and Shine. It’s Tuesday night here in the Eastern hemisphere and it’s getting to be morning over there. You know what that means. This little old woman shuffles a mile and a half by herself every morning just to join the other lonesome elderly for […]

The 2008 Scarecrow Election

Totally Awesome Picture of the Week 41 The 2008 Scarecrow Contest. A hundred dollar U.S. cash prize for the best creation. More than many of our neighbors make in a month. My, what an honor it must bestow. Do you know what a scarecrow is? It’s an anthropomorphic object, usually set in a field to […]

Dear Recycled Hand

Dear Recycled Hand, To begin, I must say that it is noble of you to sacrifice yourself to the cause. It’s a thankless job with high expectations and high stress. We notice that you are the Left. If you are anything like our country, I suppose the Right is in the “Unrecyclable” bin next to […]

Dear Ms. Mazut (Winner of 2nd Premium Pea Prize at the Alaska State Fair)

Dear Ms. Mazut (Winner of 2nd Premium Pea Prize at the Alaska State Fair), We can see how you’d be confused. Since you entered produce in the Alaska State Fair, you are probably from the nearest town, Wasilla, a place known for little more than in-breeding and pregnant teens. Perhaps you have never seen a […]