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This Ridiculous World Guide: China – Rubble

This Ridiculous World Guide: China - Rubble

While most travelers come to this great land in order to see the famous structures it has erected – ancient walls, temples, and fortresses, or even the more recently built stadiums and towers – they regrettably miss out on another important, and arguably more impressive, sightseeing possibility. Here, not only can one witness marvels of […]

What Are Sidewalks For? Answer #10

What Are Sidewalks For? Answer #4

Traces of Progress: Returning to Nature

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Traces of Progress: Public Playgrounds

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Yichang, CHINA – Despite abundant evidence indicating otherwise, there has in fact been no disaster – natural or man made – here in Yichang. The power lines intertwined with trees, buildings reduced to rubble, roads trenched useless, and air filled with debris are all purposeful expressions of success. World, meet the Chinese Developmental Pre-Olympics Urban […]

China’s Route to the Future

While perhaps neglecting common sense, this Yichang man is actually obeying traffic laws. That is, he’s driving on the right-hand side of the road. Unfortunately, he ran into a rough patch of concrete and lodged his rear wheel between two slabs of what was recently a smooth section of road. In the past few weeks, […]