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A Chinese Car Accident in Three Parts

A Chinese Car Accident in Three Parts

Attn: Outside World We wish to share with you a complete account of the recent remarkable event which unfolded directly below our dusty office window here at This Ridiculous World Headquarters. Set deep in the remote urban jungles of modern industrial China we witnessed the coming together of human, machine and fire hydrant. The story […]

Dear “White Bear”

Dear “White Bear,” WHITE BEAR! Your skin’s hue of Sprite bottles, severe seasickness, and apple candy is cause for concern. Your sallow belly is not hidden behind your crooked tie. Neither is that torso spanning scar. A vicious fight it must have been. Your American flag top hat, raised arms with flashing cards and a […]

Traces of Progress: Subterranean Fun

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The Second Modern Wonder of the World

The Second Modern Wonder of the World

As you fine, intelligent people are all aware, for millennia the land of the Great Wall, Gunpowder and The Floating Hat has been miles ahead of the competition. Now folks, don’t panic! but kindly lift your chin upwards from the folds of your neck – I’d advise you keep your mouth from gaping as the […]

The War on Dreams: Part IX

The War on Dreams: Part IX

Caging the Lions A general warning issued today by the DNDC [Department of National Dream Control] demonstrated that results were in fact found during its much-criticized, multi-billion dollar, year-long undercover infiltration operation: “Please beware! Among the Dreamers’ secretive and powerful arsenal of WMDs (weapons of mass distraction) rests the epitome of all evil idleness: The […]

Stuff Tourists Buy Voluntarily: Dog Skin Rugs

After touring the sight of the Terracotta Warriors in Xi’an you are force-funneled out through a massive open-aired mall. When we visited in late March 2009, not exactly the high tourist season, it appeared the main commodity was furs. TRW: What is this? Vendor: Bear TRW: No, what kind of dog is this? Vendor: Not […]

Traces of Progress: Environmental Protection

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Yichang, CHINA – There is an old saying: “As goat racing goes so goes the nation.” Unfortunately, if the favorite pastime of central China is the indicator it is said to be, it seems the nation may be in greater danger than previously expected. “It is quite a bad sign,” said Zhang Xiao Lu, director […]

This Ridiculous World Guide: China – Walls

This Ridiculous World Guide: China - Walls

China loves Walls. Chinese people build walls everywhere. Some are great, some are less so. Many serve multiple purposes such as advertising, keeping people in, keeping people out, hiding something from view, indicating property line, etc. Usually, when a wall isn’t tall enough to deter ninjas, they line the top with shards of glass. Some […]

The First Modern Wonder of the World

The First Modern Wonder of the World

Here it is folks, the most recent Wonder of the World. The man with the floating hat. Watch as he struts along, the hat bobbing four solid feet above his head in mid air. “Trickery!” you may say – or worse, “Impossible.” Well folks, I can guarantee, five hundred percent, that this here man and […]

Dear Person Who Left that Tarp Piled High With Feces Outside Our Apartment

Dear Person Who Left that Tarp Piled High With Feces Outside Our Apartment, Seeing as this is the center of a large city, tens, perhaps hundreds of miles from the nearest farmland where your rank hoard might be considered useful, we understand your confidence in leaving it unattended for the last 10 days. However, the […]

Signs of Thought 1

Very Fashion China 8: Dyed Pooches

Though China’s beloved breed of dog, the Pekingese, is known for its gremlin-like shape and faulty hips and repulsive, inbred pout, the peculiarly striking colorations on the pictured specimen are not among the prized defects of its DNA. This dog has in fact been cosmetically altered, and by no accident. Miniature canine princesses such as […]

When In Asia . . . Drive What You Can

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Stuff People Ingest Voluntarily episode 23

This Ridiculous World Report: Crossing the Street in China

Crossing the street in China is like waking up in the middle of a dream: the line between reality and nonsense is so blurred that it seems like anything can happen. Except, when you step from the curb in China anything can happen (and most of the time, the curb is no safer). At first […]

What Are Sidewalks For? Answer #1

Very Fashion China 7: Matching Couples Outfits

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Nanjing, CHINA – A study conducted jointly through the sociology departments of Nanjing Rickshaw University and The Venice College of Gondoliering has found that though both occupations fall under the description of Tourist’s Bitch, it must be said that the Nanjing rickshaw mules have it far worse than their gondolier of Venice counterparts for a […]

Dear Ms. Mazut (Winner of 2nd Premium Pea Prize at the Alaska State Fair)

Dear Ms. Mazut (Winner of 2nd Premium Pea Prize at the Alaska State Fair), We can see how you’d be confused. Since you entered produce in the Alaska State Fair, you are probably from the nearest town, Wasilla, a place known for little more than in-breeding and pregnant teens. Perhaps you have never seen a […]

Very Fashion China 6: The Do it Yourselfers

Due to the movement of foreign-financed sweatshops to less powerful and less demanding nations like Vietnam and Cambodia, many Chinese nationalists have begun to test their creative impulses and luck in the garment industry. With an abundance of leftover Western-style dummies at their disposal, aspiring designers can finally dress life-size foreigners to their pleasing. The […]

Traces of Decline: Polluting with Pride

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The Spectacle: Beijing Olympics

Look – over there!See the great flashes!The towers crimson!The showers golden!What wonder! What fashion!Are you looking?Are you amazed?Trust me! Please!This will all be a breeze!Why be afraid?Take in the show!Never mind what they say!And now, it’ll be quick,No pain but a prick!Let it all fade away… Oh, the greatest trick of all – with a […]

Very Fashion China 5: The Bowl Cut

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