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Dear Elephant Man

Dear Elephant Man, Perhaps you do not suffer from some debilitating, disfiguring deadly disease. Your face does not appear horribly mutated. No mind. This title is not meant to damage your self esteem. No, if it does you are too sensitive and maybe we have you wrong. We refer instead to the hue of your […]

Prime Real Estate – Property # JSNJ007PRC

Mobility! Nature! Simplicity! Here one of the great ironies of modern life presents itself in full – by opting against a central location, the endless conveniences of a civilized city, and the benefits of living elbow to elbow in a thirty-floor cement block, you may actually be able to find peace, quiet, and space in […]

Prime Real Estate – Property # JSNJ006PRC

This property aims to dissolve the border between Civilization and Nature, to open the possibility for a more harmonious, organic life. The load-bearing tree’s canopy combines with fabricated materials to create shelter in a most ‘original’ sense, and an inviting open-air patio lures inhabitants in like the suggestive mouth of a cave. Always changing, it […]

Dear People Making a Shortcut Through the Bamboo

Dear People Making a Shortcut Through the Bamboo, You just had to cut that corner, didn’t you? Maybe you don’t realize it, but I’m almost certain you do, but the wide, paved road you have just abandoned switchbacks in about 30 feet. That’s a little over 9 meters. In other words, had you stayed on […]

Traces of Progress: Returning to Nature

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