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The Chinese Hiker

Totally Awesome Picture of the Week 63 In search of silence pebbles pierce thinned street soles backs angled under iceberg burdens small to the eye, heavy on the mind. As a parched tongue receives a rush of water so our ears dance freely to the curses of the wind bleating goats echo like church bells […]

To the Pot: a poem

Duck, duck, upside-down Corn cobs, plastic found A different sort of view – for duck, and me too. The corner is darkest But sometimes the best Bobbing in a basket, an open air casket On route to the pot – You haven’t got a lot. Share this:

Swinging to Freedom

Totally Awesome Picture of the Week 62 The boy stands spinning the long thread of twisted foil with unfettered fascination. His eyes, in following the shiny extension of his arm, cause his head to move in small circular nods as though also attached to the magical whip. Much like the powers of Dorthy’s tornado, this […]