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Traces of Progress: Well Ventilated Classrooms

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Prime Real Estate – Property # JSNJ001PRC

A little house on the corner. Second floor only. Well designed over a popular Western Chinese bun restaurant. Intricate wood work hearkens the old days when care was put into even the outer most walls of a living establishment. Perfect for watching arguments between the chicken death bike lady and the vegetable man. Act now, […]

Dear Person Who Left that Tarp Piled High With Feces Outside Our Apartment

Dear Person Who Left that Tarp Piled High With Feces Outside Our Apartment, Seeing as this is the center of a large city, tens, perhaps hundreds of miles from the nearest farmland where your rank hoard might be considered useful, we understand your confidence in leaving it unattended for the last 10 days. However, the […]

Traces of Progress: Trustworthy Plumbing

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When in China . . . Join the Crowd

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Traces of Progress: On the Job Training

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What Are Sidewalks For? Answer #6

Traces of Progress: Intricate Roofing Techniques

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When in China . . . Buy Domestic Goods at Affordable Prices

That’s right. We reused that photo. As the loud and insightful Mary Poppin’s character put it, “We does what we like and likes what we do.” Chimneychew-roo. The Nanjing, Jiangsu, China Ikea opened at the end of August and has been packed with modern trend and comfort seekers ever since. Customers arriving by a mixture […]

Dear Nanjing Municipality

Dear Nanjing Municipality, Rumor is that you’re vying for some sort of award. China’s Best City or the Civilization Prize or Certificate of Glory or something. First of all, good luck. That isn’t a small pool of competitors to go against. But take this for what it’s worth – you’re strides ahead of Yichang. After […]


Nanjing, CHINA – A study conducted jointly through the sociology departments of Nanjing Rickshaw University and The Venice College of Gondoliering has found that though both occupations fall under the description of Tourist’s Bitch, it must be said that the Nanjing rickshaw mules have it far worse than their gondolier of Venice counterparts for a […]

Three Men: a poem

Outside our window, down belowIn the noisy, scrambling China showA man in gray shorts of cottonReaches down to scratch his bottom. A king in his palace. Another, in sagging white undies,Formal shoes, but no shirt or tieCasually sparks up a cigaretteAnd stops at the lottery to place a bet. Comfort trumps all. A third, standing […]

That’s Not English: "Beauy Land"

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