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The War on Dreams: Part XI

The War on Dreams: Part XI

The crumbling metal plow rolls slowly along its rusty tracks. It has come from one place; it is going to another. The sky is pure – the light falls sharply, drawing with precise contrast the shapes of leaves and trees, of cool striped railings, signposts, idling vehicles, and the eager, anticipating figures of two full-grown […]

Swinging to Freedom

Totally Awesome Picture of the Week 62 The boy stands spinning the long thread of twisted foil with unfettered fascination. His eyes, in following the shiny extension of his arm, cause his head to move in small circular nods as though also attached to the magical whip. Much like the powers of Dorthy’s tornado, this […]

Possibility: a fable

Two men sit upon the yellowing grass. They gaze out upon the distant hillside, the calm pond, the trees. “Such a beautiful place,” says the left man. “Always has been.” “Since time began.” The right man says, “There are so many possibilities in a place like this.” “Flowers.” “Fruits and berries.” “Thoughts and dreams.” They […]


Alaska, USA – Turns out soft, warm, comfortable beds and lazy, cuddling, cute animals endanger the work of even the most devoted writers. Affected qualities include imagination, concentration and diligence. If you think you are suffering from Cozy Room Syndrome take two hours of hard library seat daily. If symptoms persist return to China immediately. […]