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The War on Dreams: Part XIII

The War on Dreams: Part XIII

ENVISION THE FUTURE! Behold! The future of warfare! As sleek as a fighter jet, as mobile as a Humvee, and just as necessary for the protection of Freedom and Democracy worldwide! Having discovered the indubitable link between poverty and thrift and the proliferation of senseless dreams, the Department of National Dream Control has revealed a […]

When in China . . . Buy Domestic Goods at Affordable Prices

That’s right. We reused that photo. As the loud and insightful Mary Poppin’s character put it, “We does what we like and likes what we do.” Chimneychew-roo. The Nanjing, Jiangsu, China Ikea opened at the end of August and has been packed with modern trend and comfort seekers ever since. Customers arriving by a mixture […]

Communism’s Finest Hour

Totally Awesome Picture of the Week 44 A massive Ikea sign in Nanjing looms over peasants as they weed a city park. Aha! The perfect ominous opening for the Forty-Fourth Totally Awesome Picture of the Week (4 being the unlucky number in China). Nanjing, China’s historical Southern capital city, known world-wide as a location of […]