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Prime Real Estate – Property # JSNJ011PRC

Who doesn’t like to stare off into the beautiful coal filled abyss of nothingness? And, more pertinently, who can afford such a luxury in China? You? Perfect. This is your dream home. The street sound free/view free apartments start on the 50th floor and rise to heaven. No more will you hear the cardboard man’s […]

What Are Sidewalks For? Answer #19

This is What Happens When…

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The War on Dreams: Part XIII

The War on Dreams: Part XIII

ENVISION THE FUTURE! Behold! The future of warfare! As sleek as a fighter jet, as mobile as a Humvee, and just as necessary for the protection of Freedom and Democracy worldwide! Having discovered the indubitable link between poverty and thrift and the proliferation of senseless dreams, the Department of National Dream Control has revealed a […]


A young Chinese man who mines his nose for a living is said to have discovered a new and important substance he calls, Yichang Gold. “I was exploring the eastern gallery when all of a sudden I came across a hard foreign feeling substance. I used my extra long leisure nail to scrape it loose. […]

Dear “White Bear”

Dear “White Bear,” WHITE BEAR! Your skin’s hue of Sprite bottles, severe seasickness, and apple candy is cause for concern. Your sallow belly is not hidden behind your crooked tie. Neither is that torso spanning scar. A vicious fight it must have been. Your American flag top hat, raised arms with flashing cards and a […]

Prime Real Estate – Property # JSNJ010PRC

Oh, China. The name alone evokes images of sprinklers arcing over trim, green lawns; neat lines of white picket fences; rocking chairs on the porch with pitchers full of lemonade; apple pie cooling on window sills; wide, winding avenues depositing family vehicles into their personal driveways and into their spacious, separate homes… no? Wrong country? […]

This Ridiculous World Guide: China – The Red Hordes

This Ridiculous World Guide: China - The Red Hordes

THE RED COATS ARE COMING! THE RED COATS ARE COMING! Be it a tourist troop or school field trip, you will find these proliferating cherry swarms at most entry-fee free destinations in China. From the youngest shame-free squat-n-shitter to the saggy-jawed, corner-occupying coot, outfits of easy-to-spot-red are all the rage in this country where baseless […]

Traces of Progress: Uniform Youth

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Improvement: a fable

The chickens lived in a tight, dark coop full of poop. They slept on poop, walked on poop, and on many occasions mistook poop for grain and ate it. The chickens also looked at poop all day long. They thought nothing of their situation, of the darkness and excremental view. They were chickens, and did […]

What We Could Sell if Only We Owned a Tricycle: Idea 14

What We Could Sell if Only We Owned a Tricycle: Idea 14

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This is What Happens When…

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The War on Dreams: Part XII

The War on Dreams: Part XII

Attention: What to do if you come across a poster such as this one: smash, destroy, beat, bash, mutilate, hammer, ram, stomp, pound, or otherwise hit until you are certain that all dissenting messages have been fully eradicated! It is your duty as a citizen to protect the sanctity of street-side advertising panels – never […]


Townsfolk examine ducks for signs of disaster Remote Place, CHINA – ‘Swine’ not ‘Swan’ fu read the latest in a series of misleading and misinterpreted messages from an unknown but important source. Two weeks ago a similar message prompted the slaughter of the town’s entire duck population. After careful inspection mayor Huli announced, “It has […]

Prime Real Estate – Property # JSNJ009PRC

When Henry D. Thoreau went off on his famous experiment in living simply and deliberately, he need not to have constructed his own cabin in the woods – he could have come over to China, to this little metal-roofed monument to truth. While there may be no pond to reflect upon, there are ample puddles […]

What Are Sidewalks For? Answer #18

Tao and the Art of Hippopotamus Maintenance

Totally Awesome Picture of the Week 65 Hey! You! Hippopotamus! Yeah, you. Can you take a hint? I’ll crouch here, wiping this soapy water over my non-smelly motorbike while you fat, needy beast wallow there in your own filth with a perfectly good bathtub not 5 feet away. You’d think you’re some sort of Mongol […]

What We Could Sell if Only We Owned a Tricycle: Idea 13

What We Could Sell if Only We Owned a Tricycle: Idea 13

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Traces of Progress: Irresistible Promotions

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The War on Dreams: Part XI

The War on Dreams: Part XI

The crumbling metal plow rolls slowly along its rusty tracks. It has come from one place; it is going to another. The sky is pure – the light falls sharply, drawing with precise contrast the shapes of leaves and trees, of cool striped railings, signposts, idling vehicles, and the eager, anticipating figures of two full-grown […]

Signs of Thought 5

Dear Students Who Covet Our Autographs

Dear Students Who Covet Our Autographs, When you tell me “write your name” on this pencil case, jacket, notebook, text book, toy, hand, etc. and I ask you, “why?” it is not because I don’t understand what you are saying. No amount of repetition, louder, slower or otherwise will answer my question. I’m looking for […]



Such a darling setup – and magnified, of course, to domineering proportions. Life-size, it seems, was not impressive enough, not quite as instructive. These are the days of magnitude over quantity, or quality, for that matter- the time of things that make your chin raise. And what a message! What an image! The light falls […]

Pig Flu China 2009: a poem

Pig flu? No, not China. Here the pigs flew. In fact, I may have seen them. Through the coal smoke haze Rose a snouted cumulous storm of shadowy mystery Accompanied by nightmarish squealing Lightening flashed a butcher’s blade And a warm rain commenced It stabbed like sweat at open cuts And turned my white shirt […]