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Prime Real Estate – Property # JSNJ008PRC

This handsome structure is a classic – even the grime coating the exterior is original. While it may not scream luxury or social prominence, this architectural ode to grayness allows its many residents the comfort of knowing they are living in a building erected at the absolute lowest cost possible – no frills, no silly […]

Prime Real Estate – Property # JSNJ004PRC

This property proves that privacy is no more than bourgeois decadence. In place of four walls, the living room of this home enjoys all the benefits of openness – natural breezes in place of sterile air conditioning, the red sun instead of pricey fluorescents, and panoramic views. There is also plenty to foster the children’s […]

Prime Real Estate – Property # JSNJ002PRC

A cozy and convenient ground floor home, with windows, AC, and a high-tech thumb-less entry system so all important members of the family can come and go as they please (like Uncle Zhu who was a little too quick with the cleaver). Share this: