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Lo Wu, HONG KONG – Hong Kong Border Patrol appeals to both types of English speaking traveler –the truck driver and the poet – while avoiding the use of cliché “No Reentry” signs all together, thus proving once and for all that non native English speakers have superior vocabularies that should never be questioned. . […]

Chinese Laundry

Totally Awesome Picture of the Week 7 Walking down the street in Hong Kong, literally down – it’s very hilly – past a 7-11, a smoothie shop, discount clothing stores-picking up speed– inexpensive restaurants, expensive restaurants, a silk boutique-but eewee what’s that smell?– click. If it weren’t for open garage doors like this butcher shop, […]

That Dog Magnifying Glass Picture

Totally Awesome Picture of the Week 6 Meet Bobo and Jacky Chan’s Mom. Not “The” Jackie Chan but Jacky Chan who runs Hong Kong Budget Hostel. Bobo, perhaps the most unaffected pooch this side of “The” Mississippi, is not a stuffed animal. She is, however, wearing more clothes than a sorority girl on Halloween. Under […]