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VTK: A New Orientation

VTK: A New Orientation

It is everywhere, that massive bulky trio of letters. On towers, the sides of skyscrapers, over supermarkets and hotels and coffee restaurants. KTV! An acronym as prevalent as its cousin KFC, it announces the existence of a special place even more tasteless and depraved. The strings of lights along its outline ensure that it will […]

I Am Thankful that this Moment Has Passed

Totally Awesome Picture of the week 51 I am thankful for my engaged and polite students who stay in their seats and don’t bury my activity sheets in homework from other classes. I am thankful for those students who don’t backtalk and the non-smart ass 12 year-olds who don’t believe a photocopied book over their […]

That’s Not English: "Beauy Land"

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