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Dear Doggie in the Window

Dear Doggie in the Window, You are not the first of your kind to be pictured on this page, nor the first to be the subject of our thoughts. Indeed, you are not even the first canine to be addressed here in the second person, human to dog, via missive. However, let none of this […]

Very Fashion China 9: Shoes for Dogs

“Never before in my life have I seen something so ridiculous as a little shit dog in 4 carefully laced up and double knotted high tops.” That’s what I said last week when I saw my first baby-shoe sporting pooch. Later in the week, not a half block from the first sighting, we spotted the […]

Controversies First Hand: Dogs as Food

It is a stigma China may never shake. Today it is the source of many unfair prejudices and a great number of jokes; the internet’s tubes are filthy with inflamed diatribes, dog-friendly campaigns and slogans, and reports of official attempts to curb the ancient custom of canine consumption. Coming to China on the proverbial eve […]

Very Fashion China 8: Dyed Pooches

Though China’s beloved breed of dog, the Pekingese, is known for its gremlin-like shape and faulty hips and repulsive, inbred pout, the peculiarly striking colorations on the pictured specimen are not among the prized defects of its DNA. This dog has in fact been cosmetically altered, and by no accident. Miniature canine princesses such as […]


Alaska, USA – Turns out soft, warm, comfortable beds and lazy, cuddling, cute animals endanger the work of even the most devoted writers. Affected qualities include imagination, concentration and diligence. If you think you are suffering from Cozy Room Syndrome take two hours of hard library seat daily. If symptoms persist return to China immediately. […]

Pets Portraying Patriotic Propaganda

Totally Awesome Picture of the Week 30 This useful accessory, a very popular dog here in China, the Pekingese, is about as sorry of an excuse for (hu)man’s best friend as you can find. Maybe I’m biased; after all, having the unconditional love of the most beautiful dog in the world (see insert) leaves little […]

Stuff People Ingest Voluntarily episode 11

Anyone hungry for medium dog of light brown color? Koreans are. And not just those crazy countryside yokels; canine consumption is also popular with the sophisticated city folks of Seoul. So popular in fact, that the city wants to regulate the trade by giving dogs the title of “livestock.” This way health officials could monitor […]