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Dear Nanjing Municipality

Dear Nanjing Municipality, Rumor is that you’re vying for some sort of award. China’s Best City or the Civilization Prize or Certificate of Glory or something. First of all, good luck. That isn’t a small pool of competitors to go against. But take this for what it’s worth – you’re strides ahead of Yichang. After […]

Traces of Progress: Public Playgrounds

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Dear Yichang

Dear Yichang, When first described to us, our boss said you were like “an old wild west town.” We didn’t believe it. It was hard to see past the cement, glass and general greyness that filled every visible inch – that is until a week or so ago when we saw that big red paper […]


Yichang, CHINA – The statue, which depicts the rings synonymous with the Olympic Games, is most likely part of an effort by the Yichang municipality to express its solidarity with the Chinese capital. While the games are being held far from Hubei province, the people of the small city along the Yangtze hope to draw […]