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Fowl Lexicon

Totally Awesome Picture of the Week 40 Rooster – (n) a male domestic fowl; a cock – why so angry? Oh, rooster/domestic fowl/cock (whathaveyou), your tears are indecipherable. Like poetry, your wattle – (n) a colored fleshy lobe hanging from the head or neck of domestic chickens – drapes elegantly, a crimson reminder of wounds […]

The Ridictionary: Lesson 2

Prosticutter (n) (also Prosticut)1. An establishment that presents itself as a barbershop (or other such innocuous business) in a thin attempt to conceal its actual morally vacant services, often signaling to potential patrons with a pink or red fluorescent glow.ex. That man just came out of the prosticutter and his hair is all messed up.2. […]