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Dear People of the Rooftops

Dear People of the Rooftops

Dear People of the Rooftops, We see you sometimes, black shapes crawling over unfinished buildings – black because of your distance and the dulling grayness between us and also because of the jackets you wear and the hair on your head. You are the toilers; the transformers of the cities; the ones who knock it […]


Nanjing, CHINA – Forget the hazards of passing old men on the sidewalk – their stray spittle is nothing compared to the stone showers of the careless white Westerners. Share this:

This Ridiculous World Report: Crossing the Street in China

Crossing the street in China is like waking up in the middle of a dream: the line between reality and nonsense is so blurred that it seems like anything can happen. Except, when you step from the curb in China anything can happen (and most of the time, the curb is no safer). At first […]