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This Ridiculous World Guide: China – Life Stages of a Modern Building

This Ridiculous World Guide: China – Life Stages of a Modern Building

A building is a magical thing. However, as a resident, whether temporary or permanent, getting to know your own building can be confusing, if not scary. At times you may wonder what goes on within its walls, or below the floorboards. You may be concerned about the shifting of doors and cabinets, or the loosening […]

Dear People of the Rooftops

Dear People of the Rooftops

Dear People of the Rooftops, We see you sometimes, black shapes crawling over unfinished buildings – black because of your distance and the dulling grayness between us and also because of the jackets you wear and the hair on your head. You are the toilers; the transformers of the cities; the ones who knock it […]

Thank You China

Thank You China

Totally Awesome Picture of the Week 2.01 It’s about time we told you. We came back. A lot of famous things have been said about home: it’s “why I keep returning,” it’s “where I want to be,” it’s “always so exciting,” etc. All catchy ideas that I’ll admit to singing along with and perhaps even […]

What Are Sidewalks For? Answer #15

Keeping the Masses Busy – Puzzles

The question was posed to us with a half-chuckle, by a portly man plucking meat from a pot of boiling oil with chopsticks: “In France,” he said, “They have the same streets for hundreds of years, but here we remake them every year! Why do you think so?” “Maybe the government needs to keep people […]

In the Shadow of the Great Wall

Totally Awesome Picture of the week 52 “Makin it civilized, makin it fine, oh, we’re building a wall, so they can knock down mine!” – verse one of the contemporary workers tune Ode to the Hutongs A renaissance of blue-collar work-related musical creativity seems to be occurring throughout China. “Along with spreading capitalistic tendencies for […]

Inheritance: a fable

A man, dressed formally from the belt down, casually above, strolls slowly down the street. He carries his young son in his arms. Soon they come upon a groaning, jerking machine, and they stop to watch as it scoops rubble from the sidewalk. “Look, son,” says the father. “One day that could be yours.” The […]

Traces of Progress: Employee Rest Areas

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Traces of Progress: Laying the Track

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Traces of Progress: Public Playgrounds

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Dear Yichang

Dear Yichang, When first described to us, our boss said you were like “an old wild west town.” We didn’t believe it. It was hard to see past the cement, glass and general greyness that filled every visible inch – that is until a week or so ago when we saw that big red paper […]

When in China… Stop and Stare at Everything

While it is well documented that Chinese people tend to gape at foreigners, it is unfair to leave it at that – they stare indiscriminately at everyone and everything (we once witnessed an entire street of people, ourselves included, gawking bewilderedly at a Chinese man in short, pastel shorts). As you can see, wherever there […]

China’s Route to the Future

While perhaps neglecting common sense, this Yichang man is actually obeying traffic laws. That is, he’s driving on the right-hand side of the road. Unfortunately, he ran into a rough patch of concrete and lodged his rear wheel between two slabs of what was recently a smooth section of road. In the past few weeks, […]