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Dear People of the Rooftops

Dear People of the Rooftops

Dear People of the Rooftops, We see you sometimes, black shapes crawling over unfinished buildings – black because of your distance and the dulling grayness between us and also because of the jackets you wear and the hair on your head. You are the toilers; the transformers of the cities; the ones who knock it […]

Thank You China

Thank You China

Totally Awesome Picture of the Week 2.01 It’s about time we told you. We came back. A lot of famous things have been said about home: it’s “why I keep returning,” it’s “where I want to be,” it’s “always so exciting,” etc. All catchy ideas that I’ll admit to singing along with and perhaps even […]

China Instructional Videos: Episode 1

How To Properly Dispose of Your Excess Waste httpv:// Follow these five easy steps: 1. Remember that nothing ensures safety more than acting casual. Forgo the superfluity of traffic cones or flashing lights. 2. Procure a large container on wheels (similar to a garbage can) for the purpose of transporting your waste to the dumping […]

Keeping the Masses Busy – Puzzles

The question was posed to us with a half-chuckle, by a portly man plucking meat from a pot of boiling oil with chopsticks: “In France,” he said, “They have the same streets for hundreds of years, but here we remake them every year! Why do you think so?” “Maybe the government needs to keep people […]

Watch Where You’re Pointing That Thing

Totally Awesome Picture of the Week 4 This is a picture of some workers (notice their business clothes and fancy shoes) installing bars over one of our balconies. The school paid for them to do this. We are unsure as to whether this was a step to ensure the foreigners stay in or the ninjas […]