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Dear Sleeping Bicycle Guard

Dear Sleeping Bicycle Guard, Finally, we have caught you, after so many undocumented sightings. There is no denying it now – sleeping on the job! Ha! So, as yet another lucky pawner makes off with his lunch resting in some over-worked high schooler’s handlebar basket, we will address the great mystery of your constant catnapping. […]

The Spectacle: Beijing Olympics

Look – over there!See the great flashes!The towers crimson!The showers golden!What wonder! What fashion!Are you looking?Are you amazed?Trust me! Please!This will all be a breeze!Why be afraid?Take in the show!Never mind what they say!And now, it’ll be quick,No pain but a prick!Let it all fade away… Oh, the greatest trick of all – with a […]

When in China…Sleep Wherever You Want

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