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Prime Real Estate – Property # JSNJ008PRC

This handsome structure is a classic – even the grime coating the exterior is original. While it may not scream luxury or social prominence, this architectural ode to grayness allows its many residents the comfort of knowing they are living in a building erected at the absolute lowest cost possible – no frills, no silly […]

Prime Real Estate – Property # JSNJ006PRC

This property aims to dissolve the border between Civilization and Nature, to open the possibility for a more harmonious, organic life. The load-bearing tree’s canopy combines with fabricated materials to create shelter in a most ‘original’ sense, and an inviting open-air patio lures inhabitants in like the suggestive mouth of a cave. Always changing, it […]

Prime Real Estate – Property # JSNJ005PRC

Offering the same views as the pricey new apartments across the way, this rooftop abode includes an expansive terrace overlooking Zhong Shan Road, the perfect spot for a barbecue or sweeping your garbage onto pedestrians’ heads. If your children fail the entrance examination to the adjoining high school, they can always climb through the bathroom […]

Prime Real Estate – Property # JSNJ003PRC

Prime Real Estate - Property # JSNJ003PRC

A solid two stories of concrete set on a pedestrian-heavy thoroughfare, with outdoor sink, doormat, and space for a bicycle. Offers an unbeatable view of both the butcher’s table and the tofu stand – the perfect vantage point for swiping a hunk of pork when the vendors get distracted by skirmishes down the street. Impending […]