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Students Undisturbed by Disturbance at Chinese High School

Nanjing, CHINA – After three days of continuous drilling the unidentified mustached man on the ladder finally made it through the cement and brick wall and into lucky classroom 8. Though his workspace partially blocked the steps of the entrance to the main building the man’s progress went unimpeded and unquestioned throughout. Students of class […]

The Spectacle: Beijing Olympics

Look – over there!See the great flashes!The towers crimson!The showers golden!What wonder! What fashion!Are you looking?Are you amazed?Trust me! Please!This will all be a breeze!Why be afraid?Take in the show!Never mind what they say!And now, it’ll be quick,No pain but a prick!Let it all fade away… Oh, the greatest trick of all – with a […]

Dear People Who Care About Animal Rights

Dear People Who Care About Animal Rights, If the video doesn’t load go here to view it. Last winter, around the same time the tiger at the San Fransisco Zoo mauled those people, the partial remains of a murdered tiger were found in a freezer at the Yichang zoo, a zoo where seven of the […]

No Earthquake Woes, Yichang Knows

I am talking on the phone to the foreign teacher assistant. “We were wondering,” I begin, “If there is an earthquake during class, what are we supposed to do with our students?” A chuckle on the other end lets me know that once again I am being a silly foreigner. “We have no earthquakes here,” […]