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What We Could Sell if Only We Owned a Tricycle: Idea 14

What We Could Sell if Only We Owned a Tricycle: Idea 14

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Porcelain for the People!

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They Know Something We Don’t Know And with one foul stroke of the artist’s pen, out goes the rumor of American Utopia, flushed as carelessly as the product the new America sells so well. A barefoot, sleepy-eyed non-Asian, sleeves rolled up, scrubbing on hands and knees while the peppy t.p. awaits his duty – the […]

Very Fashion China 4: Face Shield

As everyone in China knows, the sun – aside from being the magnificent giver of life – is also the ultimate evil, at all times threatening to thwart your efforts to maintain a perfectly colorless epidermis. How deranged is the paradox of that great ball of fire – at once offering light and creating darkness. […]

Stuff People in America Might Sue Over! Round 1

If this summons nostalgic restlessness that means you’re either old or retro and knowledgeably recalling Andy Warhol and the Velvet Underground. The overripe front man of the bunch is Warhol’s “iconic” piece. They even used the correct font for the lettering, but instead of Warhol’s name, opted for Toucan Sam’s catch phrase, “Follow your nose!” […]