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Prime Real Estate – Property # JSNJ012PRC

What this substantial piece of city land is doing unpaved and undeveloped is a mystery of commerce and real estate. Whatever the reason, that red flag piercing the mud surely indicates a coming edifice. A new age high rise, perhaps? Another shopping mall? Share this:


DOES SO POORLY Nanjing, CHINA – Despite all sensory evidence, this little red-brick neighborhood is well within the borders of the Orient. In stark contrast to the current trend of massive apartment complexes, this project offers residents an opportunity to pretend that they are living abroad – specifically, in a generic, quaint European community. Some […]

What Are Sidewalks For? Answer #14

What Are Sidewalks For? Answer #13


No Quiet on the Eastern Front Not long ago I experienced a profound realization. I was leaning from our office window at the time, one hand supporting my body by grasping the swinging metal bars, while with the other I launched an aerial assault upon a pair of wailing cats perched on the patchwork roof […]