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PEOPLE BUY NEW THINGS CHINA – If you have eyes or ears, you’re no doubt familiar with the rumor: China is changing. The Western media teems with tales of the massive nation’s development – the qualities of a rising middle class; the plight of the poor rural folk left behind; the corruption that chews its […]

Dear Readers

Dear Readers, Well, we’re a little older, a little wiser perhaps, and definitely a little more sarcastic. This happens when you travel. We hit Dublin, London, and Paris with a succession of shocking realizations as to just how short our Chinese paychecks would take us Share this:

The Last of the Really Great Idlers

Totally Awesome Picture of the Week 60 See that mark? That carefully printed red symbol on the far right that looks similar to the tattoos American teenagers like to have injected permanently into their skin? Unlike those, this is not a sign of innocence. This is the chai, indicating the approach of doom. The mark […]

But You Can’t Take the Stoop out of the Man

Totally Awesome Picture of the week 50 Oh to kick it on the stoop. Watching traffic with a lukewarm Tsing Tao and a radio buzzing federal propaganda. Wearing snoopy pajamas and slippers. The ideal everyday afternoon. The perfect demonstration of leisure. But alas! My home, my stoop, my radio, the cushion of my chair, even […]

The Spectacle: Beijing Olympics

Look – over there!See the great flashes!The towers crimson!The showers golden!What wonder! What fashion!Are you looking?Are you amazed?Trust me! Please!This will all be a breeze!Why be afraid?Take in the show!Never mind what they say!And now, it’ll be quick,No pain but a prick!Let it all fade away… Oh, the greatest trick of all – with a […]


Totally Awesome Picture of the Week 34 A goat. Or, two goats of differing hue. That’s what we are showing to you. Two goats in the spotlight . One old, one young. Two goats vying for the position of one. To keep horns locked and starve? Or back away? The decision for each has been […]