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Dear PBR (China’s World War Two Yes We Can!)

Dear PBR (China's World War Two Yes We Can!)

“World War Two Edition in Memory of US Army” Dear Pabst Blue Ribbon, We know you. Pibber. P-B-R. We know you embarrassingly well. Pabst Blue Ribbon, unofficial cheap beer of choice for American hipster youth. We charge you with attempting to establish yourself as the representative drink of choice in a slightly different niche market […]

How We Changed the World

How We Changed the World

Totally Awesome Picture of the Week 66 “Together we can change the world” she said to me that night. We were watching my favorite show. She knew I didn’t like her to talk to me when it was on. I looked at her in a moment of drawn out suspense. From the sweat beaded above […]

But You Can’t Take the Stoop out of the Man

Totally Awesome Picture of the week 50 Oh to kick it on the stoop. Watching traffic with a lukewarm Tsing Tao and a radio buzzing federal propaganda. Wearing snoopy pajamas and slippers. The ideal everyday afternoon. The perfect demonstration of leisure. But alas! My home, my stoop, my radio, the cushion of my chair, even […]

Stuff People in America Might Sue Over! Round 3

We could have let this one slide on account of the slight differences: the stars on the red band, the elliptical shape of the medal, and the one red dangling ribbon replacing one of the blues. But the spirit of PBR is undeniably there. This Chinese beer is clearly attempting to nudge in on Pabst’s […]