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The Mad Capper

The rains had just subsided. Sick Baby Street (also known as Guangzhou Lu) was crawling with parents carrying their patched children in their arms like loads of firewood. The stench – some amalgam of diaper, gasoline, and steaming buns – repelled the nose from its ordinary forward aim; out of pure necessity we walked looking […]

The Art of Architecture in 21st Century Urban China

Totally Awesome Picture of the Week 56 Once upon a time, shelter was constructed from only so much as sticks, mud, and skin. The functionality of these primitive structures was basic and limited. They provided mild protection from the elements and a sense of warmth to cold bodies. To the inhabitants of the era they […]

Example of a Good Pomelo Rind Room

Totally Awesome Picture of the Week 26 Almost every shop on the streets around our house, including – but not limited to – the welders, prosticutters, printers, auto refurbisher, glass cutter, water supplier, plaster distributor, florescent bulb makers, and restaurants operate out of these vertical pull door storage units: garages, wide-open all day to the […]