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Dear Readers

Dear Readers, Well, we’re a little older, a little wiser perhaps, and definitely a little more sarcastic. This happens when you travel. We hit Dublin, London, and Paris with a succession of shocking realizations as to just how short our Chinese paychecks would take us Share this:

Dear Alaska

Dear Alaska, You are so embarrassing. How can a state that is so beautiful be so dumb? Oh wait, that makes perfect sense. Thank you Sarah Palin for representing us to a T. Sincerely, This Ridiculous World Share this:

The 2008 Scarecrow Election

Totally Awesome Picture of the Week 41 The 2008 Scarecrow Contest. A hundred dollar U.S. cash prize for the best creation. More than many of our neighbors make in a month. My, what an honor it must bestow. Do you know what a scarecrow is? It’s an anthropomorphic object, usually set in a field to […]

Dear Ms. Mazut (Winner of 2nd Premium Pea Prize at the Alaska State Fair)

Dear Ms. Mazut (Winner of 2nd Premium Pea Prize at the Alaska State Fair), We can see how you’d be confused. Since you entered produce in the Alaska State Fair, you are probably from the nearest town, Wasilla, a place known for little more than in-breeding and pregnant teens. Perhaps you have never seen a […]

Traces of Decline: Polluting with Pride

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Dear Different Fish

Dear Different Fish, You know who you are. The freak. You’re the strange one in the line – the oddball, the novelty, the outsider. We see you dangling there, in what appears to be a rather uncomfortable position, and we can’t help but wonder – what makes you hang amongst those others? Don’t you have […]

Stuff Tourists Buy Voluntarily

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Alaska, USA – Turns out soft, warm, comfortable beds and lazy, cuddling, cute animals endanger the work of even the most devoted writers. Affected qualities include imagination, concentration and diligence. If you think you are suffering from Cozy Room Syndrome take two hours of hard library seat daily. If symptoms persist return to China immediately. […]

Seasick: a poem

When the boat stops moving,That’s when everything startsRuthless and unpredictableLike a drunkard’s stray fistOr like poison My body begins to dismantleEach cell pushes out and awayAnd I am no longer a solid.The liver, the ‘stine, the spleenBecome their own ships afloatand capsize. The mountains tell me how to steadyBut I’m not like them; I’m mostly […]