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The Chinese Workers (Part I): a poem

Heigh-ho, Heigh-hoIt’s home from work we go… But in the morn we won’t head backThey say the machine is going slackThe boss has gone and shut the doorOur cheap-o toys won’t sell no more Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho It’s not to work we go… All those kiddies in the foreign landsWon’t have our toys to fill their […]

Three Men: a poem

Outside our window, down belowIn the noisy, scrambling China showA man in gray shorts of cottonReaches down to scratch his bottom. A king in his palace. Another, in sagging white undies,Formal shoes, but no shirt or tieCasually sparks up a cigaretteAnd stops at the lottery to place a bet. Comfort trumps all. A third, standing […]

Seasick: a poem

When the boat stops moving,That’s when everything startsRuthless and unpredictableLike a drunkard’s stray fistOr like poison My body begins to dismantleEach cell pushes out and awayAnd I am no longer a solid.The liver, the ‘stine, the spleenBecome their own ships afloatand capsize. The mountains tell me how to steadyBut I’m not like them; I’m mostly […]