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This is What Happens When…

you step out of line

4 Responses to “This is What Happens When…”

  1. Ted says:

    Looks painful and leaves you hopping mad! sorry :)
    Great Blog, you should submit it to The Expat Directory:

  2. Don Tai says:

    Oh that’s just revolting. Where did they come from and what would someone do with them? Please, please, some things just beg to be thrown away. Though it’s not as disgusting as the embryonic duck eggs where you hold them up to the light and see feathers and all. I would not eat either.

  3. Ted says:

    I agree with Don, it amazes me how many cultures enjoy eating the feet from animals. Legacy of poorer times I feel. In all my travels, I could never bring myself to eat anythings feet exept once in Hong Kong where I was offered Ducks Feet. I initially refused but after extensive pressure submitted and tried one. When telling the story to friends they always ask “What does it taste like?” Well, I reply, Ducks feet of course. Never, Never to be eaten again!

  4. Editors says:

    Chicken and duck feet are still very popular snacks around china though they seem more like lollipops than meat in a lot of ways. Not sure what you’d do with these feet, maybe use them for traditional medicines, lucky charms or to flavor shit-hoof stew?

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