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When in China… Gawk as the Chinese Gawk!

Write it off as a side-effect of decades of isolation? Preposterous!

The International Herald Tribune’s Vivian Toy, a Chinese American, recently published this article about her experience visiting China with her children who are half-white half-Chinese. Toy’s scattered story of a defensive American mother reacting to Chinese people being Chinese also offers short notes on national minorities, over-population and a foreigner’s idea of personal space in China overlapping but still being “personal.” Toy eventually tells her children to stare back at the people who “gawk” at them and to make “their own funny faces in return.” The racism is tangible and the message is loud and clear: When in China, frighten the curious so that they don’t get used to foreigners.

As you can see, we’ve discovered a way to stop Chinese people from even looking in your general direction: become their teacher.

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