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VTK: A New Orientation

It is everywhere, that massive bulky trio of letters. On towers, the sides of skyscrapers, over supermarkets and hotels and coffee restaurants. KTV! An acronym as prevalent as its cousin KFC, it announces the existence of a special place even more tasteless and depraved. The strings of lights along its outline ensure that it will be seen. It calls to the sybaritic. It tempts the hedonist. Three simple letters lain out in a row, their meaning all but meaningless.

But here in the center of this city, a different message is on display. The simplicity was perhaps taken for granted by those in charge. Who could mistake their order?

Or was there no mistake? There is, of course, the possibility that this sign was installed to stare into the few windows of the high apartments behind it, their own personal invitation to waste their nights away. Or maybe the similarity of the letters is nothing but a coincidence, and a different acronym flashes here at night. VTK! Venereal Treatment Klinik! Voyeurs, Toms & Keyholer-peerers! Viable Translucent Kitchenware!

But we harbingers of doom are not so easy to accept these innocent possibilities. The English language itself is in danger. It cannot be imagined what will happen when millions upon millions of Chinese people tweak the Anglo tongue for good, but here is the future of the script. Someday soon you may visit this very site and be alarmed to find that you are reading dlroW suolucidiR sihT… !kcuL dooG

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