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Very Fashion China 9: Shoes for Dogs

“Never before in my life have I seen something so ridiculous as a little shit dog in 4 carefully laced up and double knotted high tops.” That’s what I said last week when I saw my first baby-shoe sporting pooch. Later in the week, not a half block from the first sighting, we spotted the velcro-zipper “kill me now” flat faced monstrosity and then, mere hours later, we found an even larger, more normal looking dog wearing what appeared to be miniature Timberlands. In one of the best ever Keeping Up With The Wus [Joneses] consumption rampages, the neighborhood has found a way to at once protect their canine’s feet from sharp debris and toxic toddler excrement while also demonstrating both economic and fashion superiority.


5 Responses to “Very Fashion China 9: Shoes for Dogs”

  1. MyLaowai says:

    I too have seen the horror of a chopine enabled canine, but foolishly imagined that it was an isolated incident. As if anything could be an isolated incident in a nation in which everyone is the same in every possible way. Could it be that the shoe lobbing war is about to begin, and these are to be the shock troops?

    Just. Shoot. Me. Now. Please.

  2. Don Tai says:

    Ridiculous as it may seem, it’s not uncommon here in Toronto, Canada. It is odd, no doubt. Some dog owners say that because we use salt on our sidewalks to melt snow and ice, the salt gets into the little shit’s paws, causing pain. At least these dogs are not wearing matching hats.

  3. Editors says:

    DT: Do the dogs in Canada wear booties or shoes? Being originally from Alaska, I know these to be two entirely different things as booties are worn by bad ass Iditarod running huskies and shoes, well, see above. Also, are these Canadian dogs owned by Chinese Canadians?

  4. Don Tai says:

    I’ve not looked very closely, but I think dogs here wear booties, not kid’s shoes. And the owners of these booty-wearing dogs are all white Canadians. Yuppy types. I’ve not seen any Chinese Canadians with dogs that wear booties, though they do go for sweaters, coats and sometimes hats and sunglasses. I do understand why the Iditarod dogs need extra protection. Other than the Iditarod dogs, I think it still looks ridiculous.

  5. Editors says:

    All dogs look ridiculous with things on their feet. It’s a fact of nature. Iditarod dogs just have an excuse. Also, maybe it hasn’t been proven, but it is a popular theory that yuppies love to torture their dogs.

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